Cpp Vs is a site that breaks down barriers to learning C++ by comparing solutions of simple and/or common problems in other (likely more well known) languages.

Let's be honest. Learning C++ can be rather intimidating, scary even. But C++ is likely not as hard as people work it up to be. By comparing simple examples in languages they may already know, or at least are more familiar with, we gently introduce new-comers to C++.

What Cpp Vs is not (or at least tries not to be):

  • A show of superiority of the C++ language
  • A bashing of other languages (kinda similar to the first point)
  • A showcase of "clever" hacks and other hard-to-read code

Interested in contributing? Head on over to the GitHub repo to submit your versus.


Technical Details

All C++ code here has been tested on Linux platforms using version 6.0 of the Clang compiler and using the -std=c++17 option. Examples that use boost were tested with version 1.65.1, from the package available on Ubuntu 18.04.

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